Tips for caring for your Pretty & Poshed Virgin Hair Extensions!!

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Yes we all want to be glamorous and fabulous and have our hair flowing like the Nile river but you must put in the work to maintain your beautiful bundles or luxury hair extensions. It is more than just a sew in my dear or sewing your extensions on a wig cap. You must properly maintain the hair for longevity. Hair care is very important whether it be your own natural hair care of the care of your virgin or raw hair extensions. Yes we want the long hair don't care look but, there's no need if it's matting up in the back. Or if its stringy and shedding all over the place. When purchasing hair extensions its always recommended to go with the best quality your budget will allow. Hair extensions are not just a look it's supposed to be an investment, a feeling, a lifestyle.


Here are some tips to maintain your extensions

Use the proper tools

Styling tools are very important. Be mindful of the type of hot iron or curlers you use. Too much heat is not good for your natural hair nor your virgin hair extensions. Combs and brushes are also very important. There are 4 types of comb and brushes that work well with caring for hair extensions or your natural hair:  bristle brush, fine tooth comb, looper brush, and the wide tooth comb. The comb or brush you choose to care for or detangle your hair extensions can really make a difference. It's always good to brush your extensions before bed and also before washing to help minimize any tangling that may occur. When brushing your extensions always start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

 Hair Care Products

To avoid drying out your hair extensions it is highly recommended to use organic and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Shampoos with sulfate in them actually strips the hair of natural oils. Because there are no direct supply of nutrients from the scalp to the hair extension, using sulfate free products is very vital.

 Wash your extensions

Wash your hair extensions!! Wash your extensions weekly or bi-weekly. Wash them in lukewarm water and a small amount of shampoo and conditioner. Before washing your extensions always detangle them. Massage, Rinse, and repeat; for both shampoo and conditioner. Always use a moisturizing conditioner such as silicon mix when conditioning your extensions. Again its recommended to use sulfate free products. Every so often you can add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your shampoo water to add shine and help remove build up from your hair. Once that process is complete allow your extensions to air dry. Avoid unnecessary heat as much as possible. Pretty & Poshed Hair extensions are very high quality therefore little product is needed. Using excessive amount of product will weigh your hair down.


Always remember this if you take care of your hair, your hair will take care of you.Treat your extensions just as if it was your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable, so use leave in conditioners.

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