All Hair Textures:

-Wrap your extensions nightly with a bonnet or silk scarf to help lock in moisture and eliminate unnecessary shedding/tangling.

-Under your scarf your hair should be twisted/braided into pigtails/plaits to also help your hair from matting and tangling while sleeping.

-We suggest that you seal your wefts before installing to ensure longevity of your hair extensions.

-ALWAYS use heat protectant before using any kind of heated styling tools (if not used your hair can becomes very brittle and produce split ends/breakage and frizzy/dry hair).

-CONDITION your hair at least once every week or two; SHAMPOO your hair once every 3 1/2 weeks. (timeframe may vary depending on amount of styling and product build up).

-ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up.


  • Cut your wefts- this causes shedding, and thinning of your hair extensions.
  • Sew through your wefts- this will cause the construction of your hair weft(s) to weaken, while also causing shedding and thinning of your hair extensions.
  • Blow dry your hair- always let it air dry; blow drying has the possibility of ruining your hair extensions.
  • Use box dyes- only use professional consulting for adding any coloring or other chemicals to your extensions

Deepwave/Curly Hair Textures

-Detangle your hair extensions ONLY when the hair is wet. If you detangle while dry it can cause breakage and shedding.

-Detangle your curly/wavy hair EVERY morning and EVERY night before wrapping (please follow same wrapping instructions listed above).

-Use a leave in conditioner/water mix to help keep your curls/waves moisturized.

-ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up.

-Use a DAILY* curling cream with water to help with moisture and to prevent shedding/tangling/interlocking of the curls/waves.


If you add any coloring or other chemicals to your hair extensions after ordering, you run the risk of changing/damaging the curl pattern. Fanci Forever Luxe Hair is not responsible for damages resulting from any alterations to the original product.

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